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This website is for women who have been trying to get pregnant for some time but can’t get pregnant and are now starting to get worried.

You will find here the latest collection of pregnancy information, tools, tips and resources on

  • the best ways to get pregnant,
  • how to increase your chances of getting pregnant and
  • how to prepare your body for pregnancy

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Getting Pregnant Tips & Information

You will find here a collection of the very latest tips and tutorials on ways to get pregnant.

You will also find here answers to the very common concerns and worries that women who want to get pregnant face, …

together with some information to help you with conceiving and the best tips on how to make sure you prepare your body for getting pregnant.

 Click here to visit our getting pregnant tips and tutorial section.



Conception – All About Getting Pregnant

This section contains explanations of what needs to happen before you can get pregnant.

If you are planning to get pregnant for the first time or you are planning to expand your family, you will find the information in this section quite useful.

  • Conception – You will find here all about the basics of becoming pregnant and about how your body works.
  • Ovulation Symptoms -The section also contains some important information on what happens in pregnancy and what steps you need to take to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.




Planning Your Pregnancy –

This section explains how to go about planning for your pregnancy…

  • Planning Your Pregnancy – You will find in this section titled” Planning your pregnancy” all that they need to know about getting your body ready for pregnancy




Need Advice & Assistance

There are situations where one might have been trying for some time and still can’t get pregnant.

  • Pregnancy Advice & Solutions – You will find here here all the advice and possible solutions to your problems in the “Can’t get pregnant” section.



Success Stories

Can’t get pregnant?… All Hope is not lost yet!!!

Read here Success Stories of women who initially were told they could not get pregnant and are now living proof that all hope is not lost despite what some of the so called experts say. 



Video Guides

You will find here loads of simple video guides on getting pregnant; providing you with quick, clear information, tips and techniques on ovulation, getting pregnant, how to take care of yourself, what to expect in pregnancy and some information on babies and motherhood.

You will find most of the videos takes you through a “step by step” process and shows you ways to identify and avoid complications that may arise.

You will also find out more information about what to expect from your baby in the early months and what types of foods to avoid when trying to get pregnant.

Click here to view the getting pregnant video guides section


Maternity & Fertility Product Guides & Reviews

There are a lot of products out there that promise a lot of things.

You will find here loads of products guides and reviews mostly made by other mothers confirming what products really work and which doesn’t, thus saving you from waisting your valuable time and hard earned money.

You will find information on such products like nursing bras, breast feeding bras, breast pumps, etc.

Click here to see our product reviews





Downloadable Pregnancy Tools & Calculators

You will find here a range of pregnancy and fertility tools & calculators that will be of benefit in your quest to get pregnant.

They range from ovulation calculators to pregnancy due date calculators

Click here to see some of the pregnancy tools available.



Online E-Shop

The online shop, is your one stop ‘shop’ where you can pick up a variety of products, resources and nutritional supplements.


  • Fertility & Pregnancy Store – You will find here a great deal of fertility and pregnancy products, nutritional supplements and ovulation test kits to help you on the way to getting pregnant
  • The Baby Store has everything you’ll need to prepare for and look after your new arrival, from maternity equipment and nursery decor to essential kit for keeping baby safe and happy at home and on your travels. You will find here, great prices on baby clothing, bath toys, feeding kit and nappy changing, as well as all the latest highchairs, pushchairs and car seats.
  • Online Maternity Store – You will find here our online maternity shop for moms and “new moms” to be. Also a perfect shop for friends and family that are giving birth or about to give birth.
  • Pregnancy & Fertility Books – You will find here a list of practical books and resources that you can use to increase your chances of getting pregnant




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