The Best Ways To Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant can be very easy for some while it’s difficult for others. Pregnancy can even come when you least expect it without reading about it or being conscious of how you can get pregnant. Though it’s good to take note of the best ways for you to get pregnant but its better for you to enjoy sex with your partner while you also pay attention to the ways which you can get pregnant.

The first and reliable way to get pregnant is by ascertaining your most fertile period of the month. This period however spans for 6 days which begins 5 days before ovulation till the day of ovulation, though your most fertile days are 1-2 days before ovulation and on the day of ovulation. If you have a regular period monthly, then you can determine your ovulation period which is the period you have higher chances of getting pregnant. You will need to study your menstrual cycle, noting the day you start and end every month.

Note that the last day of your cycle is the day before your next period begins. Understanding your average cycle length will help you ascertain your most fertile period.  After the first day of your period, the 14th -17th day are your most fertile days, this is the time you ovulate every month. To be accurate, ensure you take note of the day you start your period every month and do this for about 3 months to be sure there are no discrepancies. Knowing your ovulation period in the month is one of the best ways of getting pregnant. Ensure you step up your sex during your most fertile period

The best way for you to have a good chance of getting pregnant is however making sure that you have lots of sex in that week around your ovulation period as this is the best time for you to get pregnant and make sure you enjoy love making with your spouse rather than fixating on getting pregnant. Make it a habit to have sex frequently as it might not be so easy to have sex on the planned day due to work and stress.

Using the best sexual positions is also one of the best ways to get pregnant. The sexual position you and your spouse adopts must however take note of some crucial points. Your spouse must always keep his penis as deeply as doable in the vagina, both throughout and following ejaculating, to decrease to the lowest amount the leakage of semen. Also, after he withdraws, ensure your man presses your labia gently, avoiding additional leakage. Also you should lie on your back or stay on your abdomen for 20 or 30 minutes, with your pelvis faintly lifted up thereby letting gravity do its work. Most importantly, you will need relax and enjoy making love as stress can be a main cause of infertility. Some of the most common ideal sexual positions include missionary style, rear-entry position and lying side-by-side. The ideal sexual position will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

One of the best ways to get pregnant is for both you and your spouse to strive and ascertain a healthy lifestyle prior to trying pregnancy. Maintain a healthy diet and ensure all drug and alcohol use is stopped and a healthy weight should be obtained and maintained. As a woman you can begin to take a prenatal vitamin even before getting pregnant. Your spouse must avoid hot tubs and other activities that could cause extreme heat to his scrotum as this can reduce sperm count. Getting habitual exercise and eating properly will help maintain better health. You should note that sperm takes three months to rejuvenate, so any alterations to support the health of your spouses’ sperm will need to take place three months before you try to conceive.

Another way to get pregnant is by avoiding stress and relaxing while you are having intercourse with your partner because the more stress you are under, the less likely your chances of getting pregnant. Ensure you are calm and drop everything that is weighing you down if you want to have a better chance at getting pregnant.

Another easy way is to take pleasure in intercourse with your partner. If you and your spouse are having a difficult time for you to get pregnant, attempts to conceive will now become a chore. Stress and tension has the tendency to mount between you and your spouse during this time and this can be detrimental to you getting pregnant. There the more enjoyable the intercourse is, the greater your partner’s sperm count and the more relaxed you are.

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