The Easiest Way To Get Pregnant

The easiest way for you to get pregnant is studying and perfectly understanding how reproduction works. During ovulation, a woman releases eggs that are ready to be fertilized. If sperm comes in contact with these eggs, it will lead to pregnancy. Note that the egg is only available in your body for about 12-24 hours but sperm can live in your body for about 5 days and this extends your chances of getting pregnant to about a week. The easiest way for you to fall pregnant now will be to determine your period of ovulation and start having sex constantly during that period to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

But first and foremost you and your partner need to get yourself checked. Consult a doctor to determine that you and your partner are perfectly healthy to conceive and hat you are healthy enough to sustain a pregnancy. After this you can go ahead to chart your menstrual cycle in order to accurately determine your ovulation period.

First step to know your ovulation period is by taking note of the number of day between your period in month till the day the next one starts. This will give you the exact number of days in your cycle each month, if this is constant for about 3 months then you can conclude on precisely how many days is in your cycle and when you ovulate. You will also need to note your cervical mucus or vaginal discharge during the month. As you approach the middle of your cycle, vaginal discharge quantity increases and it becomes clear, stretchy/runny, and looks like egg white. This is one of the best indicators that your ovulation period is approaching. Count from the end of your menstrual cycle to 10 and 14 days before your next cycle starts. This is the time of ovulation, and that four-day window, combined with positive mucous, represents the very best days to get pregnant in a woman’s cycle. Tender breasts and mid cycles cramping are signs of ovulation though this is not experienced by all women.

After the first day of your period, the 14th -17th day are your most fertile days, this is the time you ovulate every month. To be accurate, ensure you take note of the day you start your period every month and do this for about 3 months to be sure there are no discrepancies.

You can also determine your ovulation period by observing your basal body temperature. You do this by taking your temperature first thing in the morning when your body is at rest and note it down. Your temperature will slightly rise after you ovulate, so you will need to mark the previous 3 or 4 days as the days of your ovulation. Then combine these with your vaginal discharge and every other ovulation sign to be certain.

After you have figured out when you ovulate, just count to that day at the commencement of your next cycle and plan to have sexual intercourse on the days you ovulate. For instance, if you have a 28-day cycle and you ovulate on the 15th day, then you should plan for intercourse on the 15th day after the start of your period.

Your ovulation period might be just one day but the easiest way to get pregnant is to start having sex some days before your ovulation as the sperm can live in your reproductive tract for about 5days. You will to have sexual intercourse repeatedly during this period though the 14th day after the first day of your period is the most fertile day for you if you are a woman with 28-day cycle but if you have a 30-day cycle, you will be most likely be able to get pregnant on days 16-20.

To make the easiest way to get pregnant easily effective, you and your partner have live healthy avoiding alcohol, caffeine and drugs. Also you must relax and enjoy making love with your partner, get rid of all forms of stress and anxiety.

However if you feel calculating ovulation period and having timed sex is not your thing then you must have sex regularly at least 3 times a week. This helps because it doesn’t matter when you ovulate since you have sex regularly; sperm is most likely going to be available in your reproductive tract waiting for your egg. Ensure you however utilize the best sexual position that ensure deposit of sperm close to your cervix and avoid any position that involves you staying on top of your partner.

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