How To Get Pregnant Naturally

You can get pregnant naturally if you pay detailed attention to your body and if you and your spouse remain healthy especially during the period of conceiving.

The first and most important step when trying to get pregnant naturally is by paying close attention to your menstruation cycle. Your menstruation cycle might be one that fluctuates due to advancement in age or contraception pill for years. You would have to wait for your period to be stable or consult a medical practitioner as uncertainty in your menstrual cycle can reduce your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

Paying close attention your cycle means determining your period of ovulation in the month thereby ascertaining your most fertile period of the month. This period however spans for 6 days which begins 5 days before ovulation till the day of ovulation, though your most fertile days are 1-2 days before ovulation and on the day of ovulation. . You will need to study your menstrual cycle, noting the day you start and end every month. Note that the last day of your cycle is the day before your next period begins. If you have a regular period monthly, then you can determine your ovulation period which is the period you have higher chances of getting pregnant. You will need to study your menstrual cycle, noting the day you start and end every month. This is one of the most reliable way to get pregnant naturally.

You have a higher chance getting pregnant naturally when you understand your ovulation process thereby determining the best time (your most fertile period) to have sex with your partner. As a woman, knowing accurately your ovulation period will help you naturally conceive on time. This is as a result of the fact that you are only fertile for a few days of the month.

You must however get rid of every factor that will increase your infertility and stick to fertility increasing activities, living a healthy lifestyle. You must get in shape by reducing excess weight if you are overweight and gaining some weight if you are underweight. Pay attention to your nutrition and stick to a healthy balanced diet that will improve your chances of conceiving. Eating healthy and having lots of fruits and vegetables, avoid seafood will increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally. Stay away from any contraceptive pills.

Eat more of fruits, vegetables, fresh foods that are high in iron and vitamins (especially Vitamin C ) and less of calories. Caffeine and caffeine products must be avoided completely by both you and your partner. Escalating your calcium intake even prior to conceiving helps you get pregnant much faster. Calcium helps to make sure your reproductive system functions properly, and one of the best sources of calcium is milk, so daily milk intake is an important step when you are looking for the fastest way to get pregnant naturally. Having a healthy diet is very crucial in order to get pregnant fast.

Using the best sexual positions is also one of the finest ways to get pregnant naturally. The sexual position you and your spouse adopts must however take note of some crucial points. Your spouse must always keep his penis as deeply as attainable in your vagina, both throughout and following ejaculating, to decrease to the lowest amount the leakage of semen. When your partner ejaculates, make sure that he does it while he is having sex with you. Also, after he withdraws, ensure your man presses your labia gently, avoiding additional leakage. Also you should lie on your back or stay on your abdomen for 20 or 30 minutes, with your pelvis faintly lifted up thereby letting gravity do its work. Most importantly, you will need relax and enjoy making love as stress can be a main cause of infertility. Some of the most common ideal sexual positions include missionary style, rear-entry position and lying side-by-side. The ideal sexual position will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

While trying to conceive naturally, ensure your spouse does not masturbate because it can lower his sperm count and if your partner has a lower sperm count, you should have sex with him every other day because it could take his body a longer period to rebuild his sperm count.

Accurately knowing your ovulation period, living a healthy lifestyle and using the best sexual position are the best ways for you to get pregnant naturally. Relax and make sex fun with your partner with absence of worry and anxiety, this would help you also.


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