The Best Ways To Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant can be very easy for some while it’s difficult for others. Pregnancy can even come when you least expect it without reading about it or being conscious of how you can get pregnant. Though it’s good to take note of the best ways for you to get pregnant but its better for you […]

The Best Time To Get Pregnant

The best time for a woman to get pregnant is the period which she has the greatest likelihood of conceiving, this period is known as the fertile fertility window. This period however spans for 6 days which begins 5 days before ovulation till the day of ovulation, though your most fertile days are 1-2 days […]

The Best Day To Get Pregnant

As a woman knowing the best day to get pregnant will help you conceive on time. This is as a result of the fact that you are only fertile for a few days of the month. The best day to get pregnant is however your most fertile day of the month. However to be certain […]

The Best Age For You To Get Pregnant

Most medical experts have said that there is no particular right time to get pregnant, however pregnancy at any age has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to fertility, pregnancy and giving birth. The unfortunate fact is that infertility increases as you age but the best and most secure age for you to get […]

Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Pregnant

There are various possible reasons why you are not getting pregnant; I will be evaluating a list of reasons why you are not getting pregnant and the possible solutions. Read through them and pick reasons which are applicable to you. YOU DONT HAVE ENOUGH SEX You or your partner are probably the working class type […]

Reasons Why You Are Having Difficulty Getting Pregnant

Having difficulty getting pregnant can be cause by various issues which contribute to infertility in one way or the other. Before getting yourself checked medically, you should check yourself properly with the following few points to possibly determine why you have difficulty getting pregnant and the possible solutions. Below are some points to take note […]

Preparing For Pregnancy

Preparing for pregnancy means dedication and nonstop diligence as you need to carefully observe and understand you body. Also you must live a healthy life and engage only in activities that improve rather than impair your fertility. When preparing for pregnancy, its best to ensure that you and your spouse are medically healthy. Consult your […]

Pregnancy Planning

Pregnancy planning is planning your pregnancy right from the beginning of trying to conceive. It involves planning what steps you would take to get pregnant, a healthy, safe labour and delivery, how many children you would like to conceive and possibly at what intervals. Pregnancy planning gives you ample time to prepare for your baby […]

Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Get Pregnant

There are various possible reasons why you can’t get pregnant, this can be from you or your partner but I will be considering various reasons which you can use to crosscheck to be sure you are doing it right and possibly determine the source of your problem. ADVANCED AGE First and foremost your age determines […]

Positions To Get Pregnant

Most positions however are ideal for getting pregnant as long as ejaculation occurs deep in the vagina to ensure the best possible minimal leak. However there are some positions that increase your chances of conception while some reduce your chances. I will be describing various positions and how they help you get pregnant. MISSIONARY POSITION […]

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