Pregnancy After Miscarriage – How One Woman Overcame The Odds

Getting over a miscarriage can be very difficult.
personal path to pregnancy

From the moment you find out that you were pregnant you were likely to be making plans for the future and imagining how you would be as a mother or father.

You may have thought about the sex of the baby and possible names, you may have thought about moving home or planning nurseries and even childcare….

whatever the case …having a miscarriage is emotionally draining and very difficult… however it does not mean you the end of the road.

Here is how one woman, Beth Riley turned things around for herself and is helping lots of women who are trying to get pregnant achieve their goals of getting pregnant naturally.


Beth Kiley is an ordinary woman from New York who once had problems getting pregnant.

A year after Beth’s marriage, she, along with her husband, decided to have a baby.

She got pregnant right away, but suffered a miscarriage a few months later.

Friends tried to console her, but the situation was too painful for her.

When she bounced back, they decided to try again, but they did not have the same luck they had the first time.

All her doctors could do was to tell her to keep trying.

All in All… Beth suffered up to 5 miscarriages.

She was left emotionally drained and very frustrated.

Beth performed extensive research along with separating myths from facts. Finally, using the knowledge she had so carefully garnered, she became pregnant after trying for only a month.

Beth now has 2 children.. which she conceived by natural means.

She has now devoted her time to helping other women conceive naturally…

Beths book titled “Personal Path To Pregnancy” is a best seller and sheds some light on thins she discovered whilst trying to get pregnant

You might want to check out her site here.


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