Ovulation Calculator

ovulation calendarOvulation Calculator

Calculate when it is you are most likely to ovulate!

Use this ovulation calculator to increase your chances of getting pregnant!

This Ovulation Calculator will go some way in helping you to

  • predict when you are most likely to ovulate,
  • determine when is the time when you are most fertile and likely to get pregnant.
  •  identify which days of the month are important for you to have sex,
  • when and what time it is important for you to take an ovulation test,
  • when you should begin testing your self for pregnancy and more.


Ovulation Calculator

Fill in your details below to work out when it is you are most likely to ovulate



First day of your last menstrual cycle
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Your Detailed Ovulation Calculator Results:

You now have a projected date when you are likely to ovulate.

Note that you are most likely to get pregnant if you time your lovemaking to occur on the days right before – and on your expected ovulation date.

To find out more information about ovulation, click here

Keep in mind that your ovulation date is a “best guess” estimate based on your chosen cycle length.

A much more accurate and reliable way to pinpoint your most fertile time is through the use of urine-based ovulation tests,

If you have an irregular cycle or ovulatory disorder (like PCOS), you might need an Ovacue fertility monitor. This is because these methods sample your body’s own unique hormonal cues to tell you precisely when ovulation will occur.


To ensure you catch your peak fertile days, we recommend that you test for ovulation using ovulation test strips (which you can purchase online for less than $1.00 each with free shipping) beginning around 3-5 days before your expected ovulation date.


Now that you’ve calculated your ovulation date using our ovulation calculator, we have a number of other helpful tools you can use to help increase your chances of getting pregnant.


  • Create your own personalized fertility chart! This is a highly accurate way to pinpoint your ovulation date that relies primarily on basal temperature charting. ( You would find here accurate, inexpensive basal thermometer.)
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