She Finally Got The Baby Girl She Had Always Wanted


choosing your baby gender

Here is one woman’s story of always wanting to have a baby girl and how she eventually against all odds got pregnant with a girl

Before Ashley became a mother, she has always wanted to have a little girl.

Like most parents, Ashley hoped, above everything else to have a healthy baby, but secretely hoped that she would fall pregnant with a baby daughter.

The one thing that she felt would complete her life as a mother was a baby daughter.

She soon got pregnant ….

so getting pregnant was not a problem….

The only thing is that 3 pregnancies later..

She had only managed to givbe birth to three boys.

The girl she mostly wanted … she still couldn’t conceive…

Of course, she loved her children, but she still felt incomplete for not having a daughter.

When her third son was born, Ashley calaims she felt guilty because of the frustration she felt when the doctor said it was a boy.

Ashley suffered from depression for a short time after her third boy.

She wanted to exhaust everything there is to have a baby girl.

She was willing to spend everything their family has just to have a girl.

She even considered volunteering for medical research in hopes of having a daughter.

Luckily, Ashley’s husband found a method that changed their lives.

He stumbled upon a scientific method for gender selection that works 94.8% of the time.

The information came from what they call “lost seminar” on fertility.

Ashley Spencer is now a mother of 3 boys and 1 girl.

Ashley has now written a book to share her experience on how she successfully managed to get pregnant with a girl and also shared the processes she had discovered and used for gender selection.

Through her eBook, “How to Choose the Gender of Your Baby“, she hopes to help others create the family of their dreams.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to choose the gender of your baby… you might want to take a peep at Ashleys book

Below is a copy of the book written by Ashley….

Click on the book below to check it out


how to choose the gender of your baby

Click Here To Read More About Ashleys Book!
New Update: Ashley has now recently published another book titled “The Getting Pregnant Plan“. You can click on the link below to check it out

Getting pregnant plan
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From knowing the one type of specialist you should consult to determining ovulation with 100% accuracy, it’s all in the book.

The Getting Pregnant Plan is based on clinical studies, research and the author’s personal experience..

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