Download: FREE Ovulation Chart

Download FREE Ovulation Chart You can maximize your chance of getting pregnant by charting your fertility periods. The process of fertility charting involves looking at a number of different fertility variables and recording observations over time on a special fertility calendar (or fertility chart). Some of the things you will need to chart are: Changes […]

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator   This pregnancy due date calculator gives you an idea of your conception date and when your ultrasound should be booked for. It also gives you an estimated due date This estimate is based on your last menstrual period and the estimated date of conception. Your pregnancy due date calculator works […]

Ideal Weight Calculator (kg)

Ideal weight calculator in Kg Getting to a healthier weight can also help you get your pregnancy off on the right foot. It is important if you are trying to conceive to eat healthily and to ensure that you are at a healthy weight. Having a low or high body mass index (BMI) makes it […]

Ideal Weight Calculator (in pounds)

Ideal weight calculator in Pounds It is important to understand how you can determine your healthy weight and reach it safely so that you can improve your chances of becoming pregnant and get your pregnancy off to a healthy start. Having a low or high body mass index (BMI) makes it harder for some women […]

Body Mass Index Calculator – Body Weight

Body Mass Index Calculator – Body Weight   The Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator calculates your BMI and let’s you know if your weight is normal or not. The  Body Mass Index, or BMI gives you a much better idea about your actual weight. The BMI is calculated with a mathematical formula which takes into […]

Ovulation Calculator

Ovulation Calculator Calculate when it is you are most likely to ovulate! Use this ovulation calculator to increase your chances of getting pregnant! This Ovulation Calculator will go some way in helping you to predict when you are most likely to ovulate, determine when is the time when you are most fertile and likely to […]

Downloadable Pregnancy Tools & Calculators

  Downloadable Pregnancy Tools & Calculators   You will find here a range of pregnancy and fertility tools & calculators that will be of benefit in your quest to get pregnant. They range from ovulation calculators to pregnancy due date calculators   Ovulation Calculator Ideal Weight Calculator (kg) Ideal Weight Calculator (in pounds) Body Mass […]

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